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Nov 5, 2012 5:00pm EST
3 it's... been week... incc hurricane sandy's wrath... whipped... thru... parylandd../ while... the power 's ...back on'.../ first resppnders... and... - utility workers... are... now going ... to kathleen cairns... as more ...on... how sandy -&p...cootinues to effect &pmmrylanders... & 3 police, fire and now utility workers from marylaad are now in new york and nnw jersey helpinn victims frrm hurricane -3 sandy. just this orning, aa caravvn of b.g.e's naturrl gas - workers headed north to help. while maryland is functionnng -again, it couud take years ffr some areas toobe rebuiit. 3 (nat pop-winds ocean citt ) as saadd mooeddits way into ocean city... (nats sea waaer & pouring over dunes) it -3 carried the sea, and left a carrying belongings) "i woke up at five ttis morning to use the bathroom and when i stuck mm foot ddwn there was 2 feet of water"from the iinet pierr... to the oordwalk. (nats coast guard chopper) while on the oppositt side of & he state: sn
Nov 14, 2012 5:30pm EST
of super stoom sandy are uut too high for asking the white house for r... &pmore help. those states... inccuding maryland.... joined together obama for more emergency aid. &ppresident to help speed he recovery efforts... however... their request comes at time how to avert a fiscal crisis, and conssrvative lawmakers aae expected to oppose new spending without offsees elsewhere. the acting chief executive of the long island power authority rrsigns... effective at the end of the year.mike hervey's resiinationncomms pollowing supeessorm sandy. new york governor andrew cuomo plans to have a speccaal commission investigate the &putility company...and a roup of long island residents iled a class-action lawsuit against them for its response to the storm. it's been two wweks since sandy hit aad almost 50- thouuand residents are still waiting fr power. 3 --adblib weat hey make a wish! i wish we could lie here forever. i wish this test drive was over, so we could head back to the dealership. [ male announcer ] it's practically yours. test drive! but we still need your signature. volksw
Nov 5, 2012 6:00am EST
of superssorm sandy.we take you liveeto ree ross headquarters in washinnttn, d-c for a minute-by-minute jersey.that's cooing up in our p o'clock hour. 3 election day is tomorrow... aad while all eyes are on the presidential race... there are several hot button issues also up for a vote in marylandd maryllnd.supporters of one of everything they can do get d - last- minute votes.senator ben cardin... along with 2-hundred teechers, studentssand parents rallied in easttbaltimore whiih would allow in-state tuition for illegal immigrantss "the childrennthat would be quuliffed to receive instate &pwho've grown up in maryland most of theer lives who've school who will then have to h - do 2 years of community hhve to have paid taxes and thee if thee get into a receive instate tuitioo but this is not aahhndout this s not a gim-me to anyonee" anyyne."criticc oo the dream act ssy it amountssto a &ptaxpayer subsidy for families who re here iilegally. ii you have questiins regarding ann of marylaad's referendums... fox45 will ir a vote 2012 special tonight at 11.get in-ddpth explanations of the dream ac
Nov 4, 2012 9:00am EST
days -- to deal with hurricane sandy and he was praised for your that. why did he decide to go campaigning in las vegas within hours after four americans were killed in benghazi, in a terror attack. >> chris, as i said, immediately hen word of the attack came, the president was meeting with his top national security folks, talking to them, well into the night. he was in touch with them, during the day, as -- during the next day as well. so, there is no question about the fact that he was focused on this. >> chri but, why did he feel he could campaign within hours after a terror attack? >> well, everything... everything was put in motion, that he could put in motion, everything, every conversation that needed to be had was being had between him and his top national security officials. >> chris: let's turn to the election. here's the latest real clear politics map based on an average of recent polls. let's put it up on e screen. it shows states solid or leading obama and we put them all in blue with 201 electoral votes, states solid and leaning romney in red, 191 votes and 11 sta
Nov 7, 2012 6:00am EST
... constructiin crews are back aa work at the word trade ceeter site... aawwek after superstorm sandy lammed new york. the 16-acre site looded last week. most of thh wattr has sinceebeen pumped out and 750 workers are back on the job this morning. not all of new york is recovered from saady.a week long island still have no shortage of power poles and they mayynot get relief there for up to three weees. poting is still taking place in new jerssy... because of super storm sandy.the state announced last week... that storm victims should qualify as "overseas voters"... meaaing they aar eligible to vote bb email or executive order by the lieutenant ggvernor gives ttee until friday night tt cast facebook put up an election day prompt... assiig users to piggtt.. moree han ttice as g many woman than men clicked on the rompt to say they were their decision to vote. ared - coming up... we still don't have a winner... in oor "thanksgiveaway""contest.mary ann aduna... you have less than 10 minutes left to call to claim your visa gift card. if yoo haven't won yet.... we'll draw another name just mi
Nov 6, 2012 6:00am EST
what the lattst numbers show in the race for prrsident. a week aftee hurricane sandy... there'' a thheat of possible track of a noreaster and what it could bring our way. and... three things you can do to save money today... without feeling he pinch. 3 3 3 tuusday nooember 6th.. election day! it's our fox45 "thanks giveaway" 110 dollar visa giftcards morning news through thanksgivi. thanksgiving. ,3 you have 11 minutes to call us at 410-481-45455tt laim your ! prize!want tt get your name in the box?go to faaebook dot com slash foxbaltimore and clicc &pon "ccntests" to fill out the form and read the official ruues. 3 3 3 3 &p 3 3 &p3 the otes are coming ii as we speak on this election day... and according to he most recent polls... the race for the white house is going to be a close one. one.megan gilliland is here numberssat this hourr good morring guys,righh now... the polls show it's very close. pot longer... before an announced.the "real-clear" politics average offpolls... shows president baraak obama with a slight lead over &prepublicannmitt romney.3 of phow obama ahe
Nov 6, 2012 5:30pm EST
at computer> 3 33 the northeasttsstll recovering from sandy faces another upcoming sttrm a nor'eester barreling in while vvctims struggle to pick up the pieces... and try to exxrccse theer ivic duty during the presidential election david lee miller has the latest rom queens, new york. yorkk as folkk rebuild after hurricane saady,a nor'easttr is eepecttd toohit the northeast on wwddesday. the mayor of bricc township -- a new jersey community devastated by mandatory evacuation.christie &psays: "it's smart for mayyr evacuation. he spoke with us before he did it e told him supportive of it...because &pbrickkis so severly ccmpromised right now because of the first storm." povernor christie says utility companies are doing a pretty good job reetoring power...with more than tww million people back onllne. p new york goverror andrew cuooo - onnthe other hand - lashing out at utility pompanies across hissstaae with hundreds of thousands still in the dark,cuooo says: state that the utility f this &pcompanies will be held accountable nd thhy
Search Results 0 to 6 of about 7